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We never forget someone special to us and we want to express what they meant to us—show our love, and remember the life they led. But finding the words that truly reflect a person’s life is incredibly hard. How do you sum up someone who meant so much to you in a mere handful of words. It’s understandable to want words of remembrance to truly do them justice. Their memory is all that is left, so a fitting tribute and one that reflects true feelings while encompassing what they meant to so many, is the least it should do.

So today we remember the lives of Don and Donna Patton and celebrate all the wonderful memories we have of them through our church. They would both be celebrating their 100th birthdays this year of 2022 and thinking back to the year 1997 when the church burnt on Christmas Eve, it reminds us of all the work involved in rebuilding the Advent Christian legacy in Villisca. At that time Don was treasurer of the church and spent hours on end with committees in planning and then more hours as the new building came to life. He and Donna both gave up much time and effort throughout that two-year process and we who remain and love our church are thankful for them and remember them and their amazing lives not only at the church but in the community of Villisca.

Thank you to the Pattons for all their years as friends and thanks to their family for the remembrance they have shared with us again this year.