World Missions


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Reaching the world for Jesus

The World Missions Committee is led by Kim Eason with Kenya Haffner, Nicky Jacobs and Gina Travis volunteering. They are continuing to find mission fields for us to help share the gospel through giving. If you have any ideas regarding giving to mission, please talk to Kim about them.

Our Current Mission Work—Everaldo and Lydia Nascimento

Everaldo and Lydia met in Brazil, where Lydia’s parents served as COG missionaries and Everaldo received Christ in a local COG congregation. They felt a burden for Africa, especially for the Muslim population and were sent to Senegal which is 95% Muslim. They were able to bring 6 Muslim youths to Christ during a year-long internship. The Lord then led them to Guinea Bissau, a neighboring country south of Senegal which is 50% Muslim and growing.

Senegal is the most western country of Africa. It is about the size of Massachusetts with 1.8 million people. There is little access to quality education, water and health care and has been the victim of much political instability. The Muslim population is quickly growing and around 30% of Guinea Bissau practices tribal and animism: the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a spirit.

The Nascimento family has planted the first-ever Church of God congregation. They also have a soccer and education ministry. These missionaries are fighting against spiritual warfare as there are spirit mediums and witchcraft in this area. But the good news is, the locals say that before the church was planted, at least one death per month was due to witchcraft. Now there are hardly any deaths from that.

Another big challenge is water. Many wells have come up dry but they dug a well that miraculously had water! However, throughout the country many still walk for miles. The Living Water is being shared in Guinea-Bissau! New converts are being baptized and leaders are being raised up for the Church! Their needs are of course, prayer in this intense area of spiritual oppression and financial assistance to support their ministries of education, soccer program and for digging successful wells.

We lift up our missionaries overseas. Lord, you have called them away from their home to follow You for Your purpose in their lives and to the lives of those they come into contact with. We pray overwhelming spiritual protection around them, so that no attack or plot of the enemy may be successful. We pray angels would surround them so that every strike of anything not of You would not be allowed to pass. We pray that the hearts they come into contact with would be open and willing to hear and receive the beautiful and life-altering truth of Your Son, Jesus Christ. We pray for open doors and victory in Your Name so that more of Your children would come to know and receive your gift of eternal life. Please give them favor in strength, wisdom and health, to complete  Your Holy plan. We thank you for their willingness to serve You. In the Mighty, Matchless name of Jesus Christ, we ask all these things. Amen.

If you would like to contribute to this mission project you simply place your donation in the container on the back table at the church OR write a check to the church and be sure to mark "missions" in the explanation line. Thanks for your help with this very needy project.

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