Christian Education/Sunday School


Sunday—9:30 AM Sunday School, 10:30 AM Worship Service, 6:00 PM iROCK (youth group); Wednesday—Prayer & Praise 9:00 AM; Bible Study, 7:00 PM

christian education commmittee

The Christian Education Committee is led by Pam English, Sunday School Superintendent, with volunteers Kim Eason, Amber Mullen, and Kent Marsh serving as Sunday School teachers.

Purpose of the Committee is to lead the church in programs which will enrich the Christian education of the church family, from pre-kindergarten children through older adults. The church has Sunday Bible classes beginning at 9:30 each Sunday morning and uses material appropriate for each class' age. This material is selected by the CE Committee and purchased by the church for use by the Sunday School teachers.

The committee has a yearly budget presented by the Budget and Finance Committee and approved by the church congregation at their January annual meeting.