Building A Better You
~Spiritually and Physically~

This is a free health and fitness education class,
that will meet one Tuesday a month for 3 months.
First session February 26 6-7:15 PM

Session 1
The dynamics of overall health (4 areas that affect wellness/health/weight the most)
Introduction to exercise recommendations
Getting started: basics of healthy eating and living
Action planning based on individual eating patterns compared to USDA myplate recommendations
How weight maintenance or loss works
SMART Goal Sheets w/short-term goal

Session 2
Creating individualized meal plan/ DIY meal planning 
Evaluating personal patterns and choices
Web resources for nutrition, recipes, exercise
Personal/group trainer 15-20 minute exercise routine you can do anywhere
Option to purchase exercise bands for personal use
Chair exercise handout, Band exercise handout
SMART Goal Review

Session 3
How to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-run/ sustainability in healthy living
Re-evaluate meal and exercise plans
Eating in social situations/ideas for holidays and potlucks
Eating on the go/ eating for busy lifestyles
SMART Goal Sheet for long-term goals

*There will also be free yoga sessions on the Tuesdays in between classes
- starting Tuesday March 5 at 6PM -

If you are interested please go to our Facebook event and let us know that you are interested

Building A Better You!
If you do not have a Facebook account you can still reserve a spot by emailing us at [email protected]